Historical information

Pictorial guide to the artwork Our Eltham, a collection of 31 panels celebrating life in the Shire that were collaboratively created by artist Nerina Lascelles and ceramicist, Linda Detoma and commissioned by the Eltham Cemetery Trust.

Our Eltham Artistic Recollections is a collection of panels that was commissioned by the Eltham Cemetery Trust as part of its vision to offer the community a fresh and unique relationship to the Cemetery. 31 panels were produced depicting historical images of Eltham and the nearby area with images of indigenous flowers and plants.

A majority of the images were provided to the collaborating artists in digital form by Yarra Plenty Regional Library in partnership with Eltham District Historical Society who holds the significant Shire of Eltham Pioneers Photograph collection in partnership.

EDHS and YPRL staff (Local and Family History Librarian) provided advice on which images to use and also provided assistance with the provision of information and editing services for this booklet, which is also available electronically.

The collection of panels was collaboratively created by artist Nerica Lascelles and ceramicist Linda Detoma. The project was designed and constructed by Leigh Wykes with Australian stone and Ironwork by Neil Carter.

The panels were unveiled on September 21, 2017


Artworks were based on images supplied by Eltham District Historical Society in partnership with Yarra Plenty RegionalLibrary

Physical description

Softcover booklet; approx 66 pages, 20 x 15 cm