Historical information

Melbourne University Old Physics Building (1889) was designed by Reed, Henderson and Smart. It later house the Univesity's Centre for Indigenous Education and a conference centre (2010).

Physical description

Colour photograph of the windows of the Melbourne University Old Physics Building.

Inscriptions & markings

A plaque on the wall of this building states:
In April, 1856 stonemasons woking on this building downed tools, marched to the city and inaugrated a movement which win the Eight Hour Day for building workers in Victoria. The victory became an international landmark in the history of the labour movement.

Another plaque reads:
This, the original building of the University was built of Tasmanian freestone between 1854 and 1857 to the design of F.M. White, architect. It was for many years the University's administrative centre, library, lecture rooms, and professorial residences. The east and west wings were extended in 1930 to the design of J.S. Gawler. In 1969, the quadrangle was completed by the addition of the southern wing which contains the council chamber, designed by R.E. Featherstone.