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• Next meeting, Speaker Panel: Houses with History
• Welcome
• September
• September Excursion – Walk to ‘Killeavey’
• Peter Bassett-Smith 1911-2011
• Community Centre Opening (From Newsletter No. 1 May 1978)
• Recent Events (From Newsletter No. 46, January 1986)
• Recent Activities (From Newsletter No. 58, January 1988)
• Whroo and Chateau Tahbilk by Bettina Woodburn (From Newsletter No. 100, January 1995)
• Municipal Amalgamation and the Future of Our Society (From Newsletter No. 100, January 1995)
• The Eltham Connection (From Newsletter No. 135, November 2000)
• Walter Withers in 1903 (From Newsletter No. 150, May 2003)
• And Also


The Shire of Eltham Historical Society was formed in October 1967. The first newsletter of the Society was issued May 1978 and has been published continuously ever since on a bi-monthly basis. With the cessation of the Shire of Eltham in late 1994, the Society's name was revised to Eltham District Historical Society and this name first appeared with issue No. 103, July 1995. The collection of the Society's newsletters provides a valuable resource on the history of the Society's activities, office bearers and committee members, guest speakers and subjects of historical interest pertinent to the former Shire of Eltham and the Eltham District.

Physical description

A4 photocopied newsletter distributed to members