Historical information

This container is one of high quality and would have been found either in a bedroom containing small articles belonging to a woman or in an office or parlour containing small items used by the householder. The container would have been a relatively expensive item to purchase.


This container has no known local provenance but it is a very attractive item from times past and one not common even when first purchased. It will be useful for display

Physical description

This is a round silver container with a plain base and the sides heavily-impressed with patterns of flowers, fronds and tendrils. There is an oval blank space on one side to insert a name or inscription. The lid is a detached one that fits over the top of the container. The lid has a curved top with the same impressed floral patterns. The name of the maker is on the base but it is difficult to decipher.

Inscriptions & markings

‘quadruple plate’
Torun (?) …Company