Historical information

Colleen McCoy, Sir Oliver's Song, Eltham Christian School, 18 August 1983

The Stokes family settled in this area of Eltham in the 1940s and were associated with the Eltham Christian Church. In the 1970s this church had met in temporary premises in Eltham. Lots of the original 1920s subdivision remained south of Nyora Road and a number of these lots were utilized for the Eltham Christian School, which was established by the Eltham Christian Church in 1981. The school operated on this site until 2000. The premises were owned by the Nillumbik Community Church who were in operation till November 2010 when the Eltham Baptist Church commenced a lease arrangement until the site was purchased by them in April 2012. The building is constructed of brick and timber with a balcony on two sides that looks over an expanse of grass.
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From an album featuring a series of photographs (some cropped) from a magnetic photo album relating to the staff, students and activities of the Eltham Christian School which operated as part of the Eltham Christian Church at Nyora Road, Eltham. See also entries for each photograph.

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