Historical information

Basket weaving and brush making was a source of income for those who worked in the workshops at RVIB and other institutions in New South Wales and Queensland. A diverse range products could be produced with cane, such as cane chairs, cots, washing baskets and trolleys, and the Institution sought to highlight these in the annual report. Over time the demand for, and supply of, cane changed - particularly during World War 2 when Asian sources were under attack or destroyed. At home, other materials such as plastics as well as the ability to import cheaper pre-produced products further reduced the demand for workshop pieces. RVIB eventually closed down it's workshop production of materials in 2009 with the sale of the warehouse in High Street, Prahran and the movement of staff to Macaulay Road, Kensington.

Physical description

6 scanned images of basket making from RVIB annual reports