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Sugarloaf Reservoir is situated on former farmland. This large water storage was completed in 1982 and serves Melbourne's northern suburbs. Within the visitor areas are two picnic grounds and other recreational facilities. Below its massive rock embankment is located the Winnecke Treatment Plan designed to purify its water before being piped into Melbourne. The dam partly inundated the old firing ranges of the former Christmas Hills Rifle Club.
Source: Christmas Hills Now and then: Yarra Glen & District Historical Society, 2004.

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Melbourne Water
Sugarload reservoir
Melboure Water is owned by the Victorian Government. We manage Melbourne's water supply catchments, remove and treat most of Melbourne's sewrage, and manage
waterways and major drainage systems.

Most of Melbourne's water comes from uninhabited, forested catchments. Melbourne is one of the few cities in the world that has protecyed water
supply catchments. Melbourne Water manages these catchments to protect our drinking water.
Our water is safe and pleasant to drink, and undergoes minimal treatment - it is better to start witht he highest quality source.
A key part of Melbourne Water's responsibility is to encourage the sustainable use of this precious resource.
For more inforamtio on our water supply and on how you can conserve water, call 131 722 or visit www.melbournewater.com.au