Historical information

NCO's school, Jellelabad Barracks, Tidworth, England
Letter part of correspondence to Gladys Holmes and local Byaduk residents from local servicemen abroad in WW 1.
Letter written from NCO's/Jellalabad Barracks/Tidworth Eng.Gladys Holmes, daughter of Byaduk baker, Joseph and Agnes Holmes.
Eldest of Vida, Frank and Una. She married Alexander George Henderson 1924.


Original document, part of correspondence sent by servicemen abroad to Gladys Holmes and Byaduk residents, 7/14 items.

Physical description

White translucent paper with blue/black handwriting on both sides. The sheet has been stored folded three times.

Inscriptions & markings

Letter to Gladys, Tues. Sept. 18 1917 from NCO's School/Jellalabad Barrack/Tidworth Eng.