Historical information

Source: Mr. Frank Smith, "Kia-Ora", Panton Hill
Also a separate list of names

Two hand written lists of names with some conflicting information
Back Row: Eily O’Day, R. Foubister, E. Moore, H. Purcell, F. Peake, C. Williams, H. Hewitt, J. Coutie, D. Cracknell, F. Smith, J. Smith, A. Purcell, Bob O’Day, C. Colvin, Belfield?, K. Smith, R. Gardiner, Colin Rogers
Second Row: ?, Lorraine Smith, Phyllis Howard, Jean Cracknell, Edna Williams, Ces Tosch, Charlie Peake, Les Smith, Reg Hargreaves, Ken Canty, ?, Keith Smith, ?, B. Cracknell, Ron Smith, Guy Mills (Greford), Sefton Howard, Mr. Gardiner (Head Teacher)
Third Row: E. Mosely, Phillis Saville, Floss Tosch, M. Milson, Essie Howard, Ethel Smith, Jessie Sinclair, Edna Woodman, Una Saville, Ida Kennedy, Dorothy Smith, Rene Keele, Margaret Powell, L. Mosely, Una Williams, Rene Purcell
Fourth Row: Hazel Mills, Gladys Stone, Ruby O’Day, Stella Tosch, Joyce Smith, Peg Powell, Ailsa Gardiner, Milly Adams, Phil Groube, M. Carter, W. Stone, D. Milsom?, D. Mills, Roma Howard, Marg Howard
Front Row: Donaldson?, Doug Smith?, Len Smith?, Podge Cracknell, G Carter, A. Glennon, ?,?

Alternate list

Back Row: Eillen O’Day, R. Foubister, Eric Moore, H. Purcell, F. Peake, C. Williams, H. Hewitt, J. Coutie, Don Cracknell, F. Smith, J. Smith, H. Purcell, B. O’Day, C. Colvin, J. Belfield, K. Smith, R. Gardiner, C. Rogers
Second Row: M. Millisom, L. Smith, M. Moon, J. Cracknell, U. Williams, C. Tosch, C. Peake, L. Smith, R. Hargreaves, G. Carter, H. Stone, K. Smith, B. Moon, L. Cracknell, R. Smith, G. Mills, S. Howard, Mr. Gardiner (Head Teacher)
Third Row: E. Moseley, P. Saville, F. Tosch, M. Millisom, E. Howard, E. Smith, J. Sinclair, E. Woodman, U. Saville, I. Kennedy, D. Smith, R. Keele, M. Powell, L. Mosely, E. Williams, R. Purcell
First Row: H. Mills, W. Stone, R. O’Day, S. Tosch, J. Smith, P. Powell, A. Gardiner, M. Adams, P. Groube, M. Carter, G. Stone, J. Millisom, D. Millisom, D. Mills, R. Howard, M. Howard
Front Row: Maisch, D. Smith, A. Belfield, L. Smith, A. Howard, A. Moseley, A. Glennon, D. Millisom


This photo forms part of a collection of photographs gathered by the Shire of Eltham for their centenary project book,"Pioneers and Painters: 100 years of the Shire of Eltham" by Alan Marshall (1971). The collection of over 500 images is held in partnership between Eltham District Historical Society and Yarra Plenty Regional Library (Eltham Library) and is now formally known as the 'The Shire of Eltham Pioneers Photograph Collection.'
It is significant in being the first community sourced collection representing the places and people of the Shire's first one hundred years.

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