Historical information

Enba was a newsletter produced by the Melbourne Executive of the YCW (Girls) distributed to members in the Melbourne Diocese in 1963 - 1965.Throughout its history, the YCW movement produced numerous publications for members and for the wider community. Some of these were regular papers or newsletters with high production values. Others were short lived efforts, produced 'in house' on low budgets. Reading across the collections, these public expressions of YCW communication provide insight into the movement's methods, the concerns of young women and men of the period, and how these shifted over time and across location.


Enba contains references to campaigns on work; reports from branches in the city of Melbourne including sport and social events; profiles of Diocesan Executive Members and Presidents; letters from Chaplains including a report from Fr Brian Burke; dates regarding Pre-Cana Seminars and Summer Schools.

Physical description

Five editions of newsletter