Historical information

Caption reads: "This is the Rutherglen police station, which was described as a 'disgrace' at Rutherglen Shire Council's meeting last Friday. Walls of the tiny station are riddled with white ants and the two lock-ups at the rear are primitive. The station is said to be more than 80 years old and entirely out of character with its surroundings -- the pleasant civic square. The condition of the buildings will be brought to the attention of the Victorian Police Commissioner and Public Works Department."

The two lock-ups mentioned are now (2018) property of the Rutherglen Historical Society, and are located at the back of the Museum awaiting renovations to make them into a display.

Physical description

Black and white photocopy, that seems to have been from a newspaper article, showing a photograph of a small cottage that served as a police station in Rutherglen for some years. The photograph and its caption are printed on two sheets of paper.

Inscriptions & markings

Written at the left side of the photo: "Police Station Rutherglen 1965"