Historical information

This laundry box would have been used by a woman who was travelling to hang up in a bedroom small items of clothing that had been laundered. Different types of laundry sets have been available for travellers for many years and sets of a more modern nature are in use today.


This laundry set is retained as an example of a woman’s laundry set from the past.

Physical description

This is a mottled blue container made of Bakelite. The box contains eight small wooden pegs. This set is incomplete as originally there would have been ten pegs and some string to use as a small clothesline. The box also has a slip of paper with printed material indicating the use and value of the laundry set. The top of the container has had some cloth material pasted on but this is largely worn off.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Ladies travelling laundry set. This practical little outfit solves the problem of drying light lingerie when travelling, as such articles can easily be hung up in the boudoir. Indispensable for drying silk stockings and similar articles.’