Historical information

These stoneware jugs and bowl had been perennially popular in homes for many years and are still in homes today.


These jugs are kept as mementos of household items popular in the past. One jug (VC001906.3) appears to have come from Scotland in the mid 19th century and may have belonged to a member of a McGregor family.

Physical description

These are four brown earthenware jugs and one small brown bowl.
.1 This jug has filter holes near the top of the rim and a mottled pattern on the lower part of the body of the jug with an ornamental pattern separating this mottled section from the smooth upper half.
.2 This jug has a light brown lower section (both body and handle) and a darker reddish-brown upper section
.3 This jug is dark brown with lighter shadings at the top section. The lip is chipped.
.4 This jug has a mottled brown lower section and a smooth brown upper section.
.5 the small bowl has a stipled lower section and plain upper.

Inscriptions & markings

‘3 PT’