Historical information

This man’s dress box contains accessories that a man would use, perhaps in a formal situation – bow ties,buttoning studs and detachable collars. The contents of the box may not be what was originally in the box. Bow ties and studs are still used on occasions but detachable collars are no longer in vogue because wash and wear shirts are freely available. Both of the companies which made the detachable collars, Pelaco and Cremorne, were based in Richmond in Melbourne. The Warrnambool jewellery business of M. Salamy and Son, has the known dates, 1912 to 1938. There were two Salamy shops, one in Timor Street, opposite the Post Office and one at 179 Liebig Street.


This box and contents are retained because they are reminders of accessories men used in the past, especially for formal occasions. Also, one of the items came from the well-known Warrnmbool jewellery business of M. Salamy and Son.

Physical description

.1 This is a circular-shaped leather box with a lid attached by stitching and a strap and a metal buckle for closing the box. Inside the box is a blue cardboard lining. The leather is scuffed.
.2 & .3 These are two black cloth bow ties with metal clips at the back. The ties are housed in a blue wooden box.
.4 These are seven elasticised bands for holding back shirt sleeves. Two of these are covered with red and blue cloth and five are made of silver-coloured metal
.5 & .6 These are two white detachable collars. They are somewhat stained.
.7 These are four metal studs with white inserts.

Inscriptions & markings

.2 The box is marked ‘M.Salamy & Son, Jewellers’
.5 ‘Pelaco Best Quality Made in Australia’
.6 ‘Cremorne Collar Co. Melbourne’