Historical information

Original Climax Loco Headlight Lamp made by the Star Lamp company THE HISTORY OF STAR HEADLIGHT & LANTERN COMPANY 1889: On April 20 of 1889, "Star Headlight Company" formed. The company is located on Allen Street in the city of Rochester, New York. There were five original investors. The original founders were Elias C. Glazier, George L. Estes, Allen D. Close, James H. Crouch and George S. Riley. 1914: Name of company changes to "Star Head Light & Lantern Company." 1915: Star Head Light & Lantern Company catalog now lists more than 100 versions lamps and lanterns.


Historic - Industrial railway - Forests Commission of Victoria, Timber Logging Climax Locomotive Headlight Lamp

Physical description

Original Climax Loco Headlight Lamp made of metal