Historical information

This grain scale tester was used to work out the percentage weight of a sack of grain after the grain husk, dust and dirt were removed, thereby allowing for the calculation of the true value of the sack. The parts were attached to the box via the screw on top of the box and the cleaned grain went into the funnel to measure a fixed grain amount, before being released from the bottom of the funnel into the barrel which was then hung on the end of the scale. The weight was then slid down the graduated ruler until the scale balanced. Grain scale testers would have been used in farming in the Western District in the past and similar objects may still be in use.


This grain scale tester is retained as a good example of an agricultural item from the past.

Physical description

This is a grain tester scale in a wooden box.
.1 The wooden box has two metal hinges and wooden inserts inside with blue felt on the tops of the inserts. The box has a metal plaque on the lid and a round metal hole section for inserting a piece of equipment.
.2 This is a metal flask on a stand. Part of it is rusty.
.3 This is small metal cylinder with a lid.
.4 This is a metal bar with measurements, a hook at the top and a slide or weight fitting on to the bar.
.5 This is a small metal screw.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Lbs per bushel’
‘Australian Manufacture by Australasian Scale Co. Ltd., Thomas Street, Sydney N.S.W.’