Historical information

The P.S Australien was built in 1897 by Richard Wilson, of Moama. In 1937 the vessel was used to tow boilers, winches and derricks to the banks of the Murray River to aide in the construction of Locks 6,7,9 and Yarrawonga Weir. The barge is viewed from the rear, as the rudder can be seen, and shows the enormity of the loads of wool which a barge could carry. The two vessels are tied together and appear to be moored at a small pier.


The P.S Australien is one of the oldest paddle steamers built at Echuca. It was a working vessel during the construction of the Yarrawonga weir in the 1930s which was the beginning of the irrigation system which enabled the Agriculture Industry to become such a prominent part of the Murray-Darling River Basin social history.

Physical description

A paddle steamer and a barge, loaded with wool, are seen docked together on a river. There is a small wooden jetty leading to the bank where gum trees are growing.