Historical information

The P.S Canally was built in 1907 by R.W. Beer. Known as the "Greyhound of the River" after her original engine was substituted with a Railway locomotive, minus the wheels.The speed of the Canally set up tremendous wash, which sank any small craft. In 1929 it was sold to N. Collins who converted it to a barge. The Chislett Brothers were the owners when the P.S Canally sank at Boundary Bend in 1962. (Ref . Parsons R. "Ships of the Inland Rivers." P.58.)


The P.S.Canally is significant because it was fitted with a locomotive, minus the wheels. This is significant because it shows the need for the paddle steamers to travel fast. This could show the competitiveness of the paddle steamer trade on the river in the early 20th Century.

Physical description

A small black and white photograph of an old photograph of the P.S Canally in the middle of the river. The paddle steamer is travelling towards the camera.