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Miniature Bamboo Rickshaw

From the Collection of Dutch Australian Heritage Centre Victoria 60 Rosstown Road Carnegie Victoria

A small but faithful bamboo replica of the three-wheeled mode of transport known as a cycle rickshaw. Wire has been used to construct a kind of axle that joins the two pedals via a small bamboo tube below the cycle's crossbar and the seat. Although the pedals can be turned this is not an option for the wheels which are firmly glued.
Overall length is 16cm while the item is 13cm high at its highest point. At its widest point the rickshaw measures 7.5cm.
Object Registration
Historical information
The item most likely originates from the former Dutch East Indies where this mode of transport is still available though now supplemented with auto-rickshaws.
The item hearkens back to the years of Dutch occupation of what is now Indonesia and the fact that many Dutch lived, worked and felt at home there.
Inscriptions & Markings
On the back the rickshaw displays registration number 3947. This seems to have been applied with a stamp pad.
Last updated
30 Oct 2017 at 5:00PM