Historical information

The paddle steamer Clonmel was one of the first steam-powered vessels on the Australian coast. However, its career was short, being wrecked on its third voyage on what is now known as Clonmel Island at the Port Albert entrance. All on board reached safety, but much of the cargo was lost.The wreck of the Clonmel was instrumental in the settlement of Gippsland and the establishment of the towns of Port Albert, Tarraville and Alberton. Although the wreck of the Clonmel was a disaster at the time, it is now one of the most significant archaeological sites in Victoria. (Ref. Australian National Shipwreck Database)


This item is a useful reference tool on a significant part of shipping history in Victoria.

Physical description

A thin 27 pp cardboard covered book titled, "Clonmel Disaster to Discovery". On the cover is a black drawing of the Clonmel with a coloured background of yellow, red and blue blocks. The book contains the history of the paddle-steamer Clonmel which was wrecked at port Albert in 1841.