Historical information

The P.S Clyde was built in 1884 by W.Wilson, in Echuca and was owned by the Evans Bros. It sunk in the Murrumbidgee river in 1920 and was raised and converted into a barge in 1922. The barge Excel was built as the Barge Adam in 1897. It was owned by the Permewan Wright Co. and renamed barge 'Excel' in 1909. (Ref ; Parsons, Ronald, "Ships of the Inland Rivers" This photograph must have been taken before 1920 when the P?S Clyde was still a paddle steamer.

Physical description

One of two black and white photographs of the P.S Clyde and the barge Excel moored to a wharf, possibly at Swan Hill. People are on the wharf and both vessels. There is a crane fitted on the Clyde loading, bags of wheat. A woman is standing in front of the wheel house. There is a man inside the wheel house. Steering mechanism appears to be attached at the back of the barge, and there also appears to be a flag flying on the back of the barge. Three men are on the barge supervising the loading process.

Inscriptions & markings

Written on the back of the smallest photograph are the words "2nd copy in Clyde file." On the barge in the photograph is the word 'EXCEL' 'and the word 'Clyde' can be seen on the bow of the paddle steamer .