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List of Full Course Students' 1944, Editorial, News and Notes, Obituary, The Literary Society, Fumes from the Lab, Our Sojourn in Port Pirie, Arts & Crafts Gossip, Sport, Commercial Notes, The Junior Techs, List of Junior Technical School Students' 1944

Physical description

White, blue, green and gold soft covered magazine of 66 pages including advertisements.


Mr Heseltine - By Ruth Mole
Mack - By Beryl Grinter
Frederick - By Beryl Grinter
Stan - By Ruth Mole
Scotty - By Joan Walter
Jenko - By Ruth Mole
Dagwood - By Ruth Mole
Along the track - By Neville Reeve
Kanga - By Ruth Mole
Nev - By Ruth Mole
Charlie - By Joan Walter
Shergold - By Joan Walter
Very friendly people at this beach, everyone's waving at me - By John Procter
At the crest of the hill - By Joan Walter
Joyce - By Beryl Grinter
Mr Procter - By Ruth Mole
Phyllis - By Neville Reeve
Gwen - By Beryl Grinter
Doreen - By William Bates
Laurel - By Joan Walter
Lorna - By Ruth Mole
Ah! an important discovery! wireless poles on Mars - By Frank Daykin
Barbara - By Joan Walter
Winsome - By Beryl Grinter
Kath - By Joan Walter
Lola - By Ruth Mole
Amy - By Beryl Grinter
Laurel - By Beryl Grinter
Gwen - By Beryl Grinter
June - By Beryl Grinter
Peggy - By Beatrice Burgess
Winifred - By Ruth Mole
Elaine - By M.D
Iris - By Ruth Mole
Iris - By Ruth Mole
Isobel - By Joan Walter
Betty - By Joan Walter
Nancy - By Neville Reeve
Charlie - By Ruth Mole
Harold - By Joan Walter
Sammy - By Joan Walter
Brokie - By Ruth Mole
Dick - By Joan Walter
Mac - By Ruth Mole
Mac - By Beryl Grinter
Willie - By Beryl Grinter
Deany - By Beryl Grinter
Ducky - By Ruth Mole
Fitzy - By Joan Walter