Historical information

Contents: List of illustrations, From the Shire President, Historical background, current perspective and catalogue of art collection. This includes over 100 items. Book produced to accompany exhibition held at the Eltham Community and Reception Centre, Main Road Eltham June 26 - July 4 1993. "This exhibition celebrates two aspects of the art collection of the Shire of Eltham. There is the work which shows the love of Eltham and the environment, and work which deals with much broader concerns"
Artists include: Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, David Armfield, Brian Armstrong, Alan Baker, Yvonne Ball, Piers Bateman, Julie Begg, Judith Ben-Meir, Yvonne Birch, The Bodford Collection, Janet Boddy, Deidre Boeyen, Ian Bow, David Benchley, Don Brown, Gilbert Buchanan, Paul Cavell, Patty Chandler, Rosalie Cogan, Scott Joseph Cowcher, Augustine Dall'Ava, Greg Daly, Simon Dattner, Peter Day, Domenico de Clario, Robert Delves, Joh Ebeli, Mark Edgoose, Graham Fransella, Ernest Fries, Edward Ginger, Peter Glass, Drew Gregory, Alison Hann, Tony Harkin, Wendy Henderson, Stephen Hughes, Lindsay Imbandarinja, John Irving, Hilary Jackman, Jill Kahans, William Kelly, Margot Knox, Margot Kroyer-Pederson, Anne Kueffer, Bruno Leti, Kevin Lincoln, Paul Margocsy, Alan Martin, Barry Mills, Simon Barley, Jenni Mitchell, David Moore, Barbara Munro, Ewald Namatjira, Norma Neil, Mark Page, Herman Pekel, Shane Pickett, Anthony Pryor, Clifton Pugh, Lynn Quintal, Giuseppe Raneri, Ken Robb, John Serle, Marjorie Shattock, Leslie Sinclair, Matcham Skipper, Myra Skipper, Sonia Skipper, Harris Smith, Eric Stephenson, Adriane Strampp, Marian Sussex, Tony Trembath, George Turcu, John Wakefield, Peter Wallace, Ray Walsh, Michael Wilson, Walter Withers, Vic Wood, Doug Wright, Romana Favier Zorzut, Renier Zusters.

Physical description

Softcover . Includes separate sheet of paper printed on both sides: "catalogue supplement" and "errata"