Historical information

The 13th Light Horse was the Corps Cavalry of the Australian Corps. One role of the Corps Cavalry was the escort of prisoners-of-war from the front line to POW compounds in the rear area. Lieutenant Leslie Deegan was a 36 year-old Company secretary of Melbourne with service in the Boer War when he enrolled in the 13th Light Horse AIF. He embarked as Squadron sergeant-major of C Squadron of the regiment and was later commissioned as a lieutenant.


Rare photograph of Australian Light Horse escorting prisoners-of-war in large numbers in France during WWI. Officer named has connection to other items in collection.

Physical description

Framed black and white photograph showing long column of German prisoners-of-war led by mounted Australian officer and flanked by mounted Australian soldiers passing along a village road. Several onlookers, one on bicycle. light wooden frame painted black.

Inscriptions & markings

German prisoners captured by 13th Light Horse at Hamel being marched to Prisoner of War cage at Poulainville in France, 4th July 1918. Lieut. L Deegan 13th Light Horse leading.