Historical information

Photographs of an art installation by Jessie Stanley at WaterMarc Greensborough on 22/07/2017. From Jessie Stanley's FaceBook page :Dust to Dust is complete... It's an ephemeral site-specific work about how the Melbourne suburb of Greensborough has transformed over time. This area's exceptionally fertile soil [used by] by white settlers for farms, market gardens and orchards reshaped the Wurundjeri's traditional lands - and today the private sale and division of these farms informs the streetscape and town plan. With soil sourced locally this work reveals some of the area’s history - the text running around the perimeter was written by former resident Val Wilson, a snippet of her recollections of growing up in the area in the 1950s. The arrows and text act like a compass to orientate this site with greater Melbourne. On display in the lobby of Banyule Council until chance, time (or a broom) sweeps it away, Many thanks to Banyule City Council, Greensborough Historical Society and Valerie Wilson. "


An artistic representation of Greensborough's history.

Physical description

Digital photographs of art installation.