Historical information

This book was written by Winifred James. She was born in Melbourne in 1876 and began writing in the early 1900s. ‘Bachelor Betty’ was published in England in 1905 and was a successful publication. The book is marked ‘Vickers’ and may have belonged to Daisy Vickers (1907-1987), later Mrs Ogier. She was a long-serving and very respected teacher and Senior Mistress at Warrnambool Technical School.


This book is retained because the author was an early advocate for women’s rights and because it may have a close connection to Daisy Vickers, an important 20th century teacher in Warrnambool.

Physical description

This is a paper back of 127 pages. It has 46 chapters and several advertisements inside the covers. The front cover, partly detached from the binding, has an image of a woman near a chair in mauve, grey and buff tonings. The book is a little tattered and dog-eared.

Inscriptions & markings