Historical information

This junior football shield was given by James Fairbairn (1897-1940), a prominent Western District pastoralist, aviator, local politician and Federal Cabinet minister. He was killed in a Canberra air disaster in 1940. The shield shows that several football teams, including West End, Russells Creek and East Warrnambool won the shield in the 1930s. In 1936 the shield was won outright by West End Football Club. This club, founded in the late 19th century, played in Western District Leagues until 1946 when it joined the newly-formed Warrnambool District Football League. In 1971 it merged with the Allansford Football Club to become the West End-Allansford Club and in 2002 the name ceased to exist when the team name was changed back to Allansford Football Club.


This trophy is of interest as a football trophy given over 80 years ago and as a memento of the Warrnambool West End Football Club, a team no longer existing. The sport of Australian football has been, and still is, highly prominent in the Warrnambool district with football first played in the town in 1861.

Physical description

This is a wooden shield with nine silver-coloured metal discs affixed to the shield with metal pins. Eight of these discs are shield-shaped. All of the discs have etched inscriptions. The discs are somewhat stained and the wooden shield has traces of paint on it. There is a wire attached to the back of the shield for hanging on a wall.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Warrnambool Junior Football League’
‘Junior Challenge Shield presented by J.V. Fairbairn Esq. M.L.A. 1932’
‘Won Outright West End Football Club 1936’