Historical information

This button has come from an item of clothing made by George Wardrop, a well-known Victorian tailor who was apprenticed to a Mr J. Jones in Smith Street Collingwood in the late 19th century. George Wardrop was a partner in the Jones firm for seven years before opening his own tailoring business in Collingwood and later in Northcote. The business expanded, with a major store in Melbourne established in the 1930s, (Wardrops, My Tailor) and other stores opening in suburban and regional areas in Victoria. The business lasted until the early 1970s.


This button is of interest as it was found in a Warrnambool garden and perhaps came from an item of clothing owned by a local resident and purchased from a Wardrop tailoring shop early in the 20th century.

Physical description

This is a round buff-coloured button with an eyelet and printing around the button edge. The item is slightly bent and discoloured.

Inscriptions & markings

‘G. Wardrop Collingwood’