Historical information

This chair comes from Swintons Stores in Warrnambool and is said to have been used as a "Santa Chair" at Christmas time. Wiliam and Ann Swinton arrived in Australia in 1854. William, a builder opened a grocery, china and glassware store in Timor Street, Warrnambool in 1865. By 1888 the firm was known as William Swinton and Sons. Branch stores were opened at South Warrnambool, Raglan Parade, Wangoom, Cudgee and Nullawarre. In1934 the business split into two companies, Swintons Pty. Ltd. and George Swinton and Sons Pty. Ltd. The Swinton family still operate a business in Timor Street, Warrnambool, making it one of the oldest family businesses still operating in Australia.


This chair is of considerable interest as it comes from the Swintons stores in Warrnambool and this is a business that has been operating in Timor Street since 1865.

Physical description

This is a wooden ( bent wood) chair with a round seat attached to the back by wooden screws. The seat insert, possibly basket wear is missing. There is a lower circular piece of wood under the seat and this is broken at one end. There are four bowed legs. The back of the chair has turned wood with three middle slats and two sides attached by wooden pegs and screws. The seat has two bent wood handles, currently detached . The chair is stained and a little chipped.

Inscriptions & markings

Austria Flaschner Lodenbach a/ F (Autriche)