Historical information

The P.S Pevensey was built in 1910 in Moama by the Permewan Wright Co. Initially she was a barge, called the Mascotte, but by May 1911 she had been converted into the P.S.Pevensey. Initially the P.S.Pevensey was used as for transporting wool from the Murrumbidgee River Stations. In 1932 the P.S Pevensey carried the largest load of wool ever from the Murrumbidgee River. This record was 2600 bales of wool. She was destroyed by fire at Koraleigh Landing later in 1932, but was soon rebuilt.By 1939 she was running a regular service between Morgan and Mildura. By 1958 it was reported that she was moored above Renmark and not working. In 1967 she was sunk by vandals. In 1968 she was bought by Bill and Norm Collins. They refloated her, restored her and moored her at Mildura. The City of Echuca bought the P.S. Pevensey from the Collins Family in 1973, for $20,000. The P.S. Pevensey came to Echuca Wharf in July 1973 along with Kevin Hutchinson OA., a shipwright who stayed with the P.S. Pevensey for the rest of his life. The P.S Pevensey currently works as a Tourist paddle steamer taking cruises from the Echuca Wharf every day. (Ref. Parsons, R. "Ships of the Inland Rivers. P. 116.)


This photograph is significant because it shows the wharf in 1973, being converted into a Tourist precinct. The roof of the cargo shed is being repaired. The P.S Pevensey is tied up to the wharf and looks as if it needs more repairs. The buildings in the background are still used as business venues. The Shamrock Hotel can be seen in High Street. A train can also be seen parked on the wharf.

Physical description

A black and white rectangular photograph of the P.S Pevensey tied up at Echuca Wharf during a high river probably taken in 1973 or 1974.

Inscriptions & markings

On the Bond Store in Murray Esplanade can be seen the words SHACKELL. On the front of the building can be seen the words "Panel & Paint."