Historical information

This envelope has been used at the Warrnambool chemist shop of Harry Shilton to protect the films (snapshots) developed for a customer. Harry Shilton’s shop was at 119 Liebig Street. He took over the pharmacy business of Ralph Barnes in 1937 and Alan Anderson became his business partner in 1953. Mr Shilton retired from the business in 1960. No information is available on the recipient of the photographs (‘Mrs. Leah’)


This envelope is retained as a memento of the pharmacy business of Harry Shilton, a mid 20th century chemist in

Physical description

This is a buff-coloured paper envelope with an overlapping flap with adhesive on it for sealing the envelope. The front of the envelope contains black printing (slightly askew) and one pencil mark.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Shilton’s Snapshot Service’
‘Mrs. Leah, 116 film’