Historical information

This cup was awarded in 1880 to James Dickson Junior for winning a 400 yards race. The cup was awarded by the South Norwood Athletic Club. There is a Norwood in South Australia and Scotland and a South Norwood in London. James Dickson Junior (1859-1949) was born in Warrnambool to James and Susan Dickson. His father had established a general store in Warrnambool in 1855 in partnership with John Cramond. This store, known as Cramond and Dickson, was a prominent one in Warrnambool until its closure in 1973. James Dickson managed the London branch store of Cramond and Dickson from 1870 to 1880 and James Dickson Junior lived in London during that time and went to school in Scotland. So the cup could have been won in Scotland but it is most likely from a London athletics meeting. James Dickson Junior became a senior partner in the Cramond and Dickson business and was a leading citizen in Warrnambool as a director of the Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory, a committeeman on the Warrnambool Hospital Board for nearly 50 years and a president of the Warrnambool Racing Club.


This cup is of considerable significance as it was won by James Dickson Junior in 1880. James Dickson Junior was a prominent businessman and active community worker in Warrnambool for more than 50 years.

Physical description

This is a silver cup or trophy with a maker’s symbol and four other hallmarks. It is in the shape of a goblet and has the race and winner’s information etched on the side of the cup. It has some small dents.

Inscriptions & markings

‘South Norwood Athletic Sports 12 June 1880 400 Yards Maiden Race won by J. Dickson Jnr.’