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Booklet - The School of Mines Ballaarat Annual Report 1883

From the Collection of Federation University Australia Historical Collection (Geoffrey Blainey Research Centre) Federation University Australia, Mt Helen Campus Federation University Australia E.J. Barker Library (top floor) Mount Helen Victoria

Ballaarat School of Mines annual Report. Hard cover red book of 101 pages.

14.0 cm x 21.0 cm
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ballarat school of mines, annual report, balance sheet, certificates granted by the council, examination papers, extracts from the visitors' book, fees, form of bequest, honorary correspondents, life governors, museum, notes on the geology of lal lal, obituary: charles william thomas. one of the examiners in mining and surveying, office bearers, paper of particulars, rules of the ballaarat field club and science society, report of the curator of the museum and library, report of the superintendent of laboratories, report of the lecturer in mathematics, report of the lecturer in mechanical engineering, report of the lecturer in telegraphy, report of the lecturer in materia medica, statement of receipts and expenditure for the year 1882, subjects and lectures, subjects and examiners, subcriptions and donations, from 1st january to 31st december 1882, alf. mica smith, professor of chemistry, alf. mica smith, metallurgy, f. m. krause - professor of geology, mineralogy, scientific mining, t. h. thompson, practical mining, w. h. shaw mechanical engineering, h. reid, mechanical enginnering, phoenix foundry company (limited), a. a. buley, mathematics, f. m. krause, land, mining and engineering surveying, w. d. campbell, telegraphy, james oddie, vice-president, alf. mica smith, natural philosophy (elementary mechanics and hydrostatics, magnetism and electricty, sound, light and heat), j. f. usher, materia medica, pharmacy and physiology, examiner, professor h. m. andrew, m. a., examiner, h. d. de la poer wall, m. a, c. e., examiner, thomas mann, b. a., examiner, p. c. fitzpatrick, c. s., examiner, h. rosale, j.p., f.g.s, m.e. and m, examiner, john lewis, examiner, w. c. kernot, m.a., c.e., examiner, professor mccoy, examiner, j. cosmo newbery, c.m.g., b. sc., examiner, baron von mueller, k.c.m.g., m. et ph. d., f. r.s., examiner, sam. w. macgowan, examiner, w. p. bechervaise, examiner, r. l. j. ellery, f.r.s. govt. astronomer, examiner, f. m. krause, c.e., examiner, j. m. bickett, examiner, n. kent, examiner, a. martin, examiner, r. s. mitchell, examiner, w. h. keast, examiner, p. matthews, examiner, d. milliken, examiner, j. t. richards, examiner, jonathan robinson, examiner, t. h. thompson, examiner, h. brookes allen, m.d., examiner, joseph bosisto, examiner, c. r. blackett, m.l.a., examiner, wm. johnson, analyst to the government of victoria, ferdinand krause, ballarat field naturalists club, ferdinand von mueller
Historical information
The School of Mines Ballaarat. Annual Report 1883. Statement of Receipts and expenditure, general balance sheet, and list of subscriptions donations 1882.
Sketch of School of Mines.
Sketch Section from Lal Lal to the Moorabool (looking north)
Geological map of Lal Lal. In the County of Grant.

Annual Report, Balance Sheet, Certificates granted by the Council, Examination Papers - Elementary Science Classes (Appendix), Extracts from Visitors' Book, Fees, Form of Bequest, Honorary Correspondents. Life Governors, Museum - open to visitors, Notes on the Geology of Lal Lal (with Geological Plan & Sections), Obituary, Office Bearers, Paper of Particulars, Rules of the Ballaarat Field Club and Science Society (Appendix), Report of the Curator of the Museum and Library, Report of the Superintendent of Laboratories, Report of the Lecturer in Mathematics, Report of the Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, Report of the Lecturer in Telegraphy, Report of the Lecturer in Materia Medica, Statement of Receipts and Expenditure for the year 1882, Subjects and Lectures, Subjects and Examiners, Subscriptions and Donations, from 1st January to 31st December 1882.
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