Historical information

The stove was the property of John Biggart, who lived in Avonsleigh. He travelled Victoria from 1920 to the 1940's. The stove was used at a work camp site.

Physical description

Brass base containing the kerosene fuel tank, above which rises a burning tube and burner assembly. The steel top rings are held above the burner by 3 support legs. To light the stove, a small amount of alcohol is put into the spirit cup, just below the burner to preheat it. Kerosene was then vaporised, mixed with air and it burns with a soot less, blue flame.

Inscriptions & markings

PRIMUS No. 1. MADE IN SWEDEN. TRADEMARK PRI-MUS. PATENT SB. No 48624. ENG No 171536, all on the top of the tank. On the side is engraved; A/B B. AHJORTH AND CO. STOCKHOLM SWEDEN - SOLEMAKERS OF THE GENUINE APPARATUS ( repeated in 9 other languages)