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From the Collection of 8th/13th Victorian Mounted Rifles Regimental Collection Building 129 Carlisle Drive North Bandiana Vic

Seven fold puggaree with red band denoting Light Horse of the period between the wars.
280mm x 60mm
Object Registration
puggaree, uniform, headwear, light horse
Historical information
A puggaree, usually of pleated cloth, has been worn on the Australian slouch hat since it was adopted in 1903. During WWI (1914-1918) it was frequently a plain woollen band often made from puttee material. Different coloured bands denoting Corps were incorporated into the puggaree worn by militia units shortly before WWI and again in the period between the wars. The word puggaree comes from Hindi meaning turban and is thought to have referred to a piece of cloth worn on the British officer’s sun helmet to protect his neck from the sun.
When Made
1925 circa
Good example of distinctive headwear worn by light horse soldiers.
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14 Dec 2017 at 5:34PM