Historical information

This portfolio was created in response to a gift of apples from the Maldon district community in Central Victoria Australia to the children of Maldon Essex in the post World War II period. It was created for presentation to the Maldon Primary School by their UK counterpart, in gratitude, and as a symbol of cultural and political bonds.
For some years before we received it the portfolio was kept in inappropriate storage and suffered some damage, and parts of it seem to have been removed. Nevertheless it is a fascinating and heartwarming document, which casts a light on the United Kingdom of the late 1940s.
It is commonly known as "The Apple Book".

Physical description

The portfolio comprises 52 pages with various items affixed. These may be typed pages, photographs of places and people (including many small portraits), and artworks on paper and fabric. A cover is formed by heavy cardboard, covered with paper, with a hinge made near the left side and a heavy cord used to hold it all together.

Inscriptions & markings

There are no inscriptions or labels, but the heraldic crest of Maldon Essex is reproduced on the front cover.