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[from contemporary reports:] 1981: 16-18 October. “Pioneers of Eltham” and horse drawn vehicle. This year's festival will be held from 16th to 18th October, with the festival parade being held on Saturday 17th. In recent years the Society has participated in the parade and also organised a display for the festival. We have won prizes for our parade entry for the last two years. The committee has given preliminary consideration to our participation and it has been agreed that we should again enter the procession. This matter will be discussed at the September meeting. / The Society's float in the festival parade again won a prize. This year we won the prize for the best effort by a local group, donated by Bob Clarke's Menswear. As in previous years Peter Quirke has allowed us to use his truck as a float. Peter has formerly operated his fruiterer's business at Research and Diamond Creek and has recently opened a shop in the Eltham Village Arcade. Joh Ebeli, with a little more assistance from other members than in previous years, again did an excellent job in decorating the float. Members of the Victorian Folk Music Club again accompanied us on the float and their music helped create the appropriate mood. A new feature of our parade entry was the inclusion of horse drawn vehicles owned and driven by the Hennel family of Hurstbridge. They certainly added to a highly successful day. In the last issue of this Newsletter we mentioned the award won by the Society for its entry in the Eltham Community Festival Procession. We neglected to mention the award won by member and long-time Eltham resident, Jock Read for the “Best Eltham Theme.” Jock and his horse have been a feature of Eltham parades for years and in particular have established a local tradition in leading Anzac Day parades.

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