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On Sunday, 10 November 1985 a time capsule was lowered into a monument installed near the corner of Main Road and Pitt Street in Eltham, within the gardens at the front of what is now the Eltham Community and Reception Centre. This monument commemorates Victoria’s 150th anniversary and the former location of the Eltham Town Centre, which existed along this section of Main Road, then known as Maria Street. Beneath the site is a time capsule to be opened in the year 2035. A plaque was also erected at this site in October 1987 to commemorate the Shire of Eltham Historical Society’s 20th anniversary. The main feature of this monument is a ‘tyring disc’, a blacksmith’s implement that was found on this site. This consists of a large iron disc that was used as a platform for fitting iron tyres (like the one shown on top of the platform) to wooden-spoked cart wheels. The local blacksmith and wheelwright worked together to assemble the wheel, which was clamped to the platform placed close to the fire. The red-hot iron hoop, previously forged to the correct size, was lifted with tongs by the blacksmith over the outside of the rim, then hammered down amid flames from the scorching timber. The wheelwright drenched the tyre with cold water as soon as it was in position. A clamp placed on the naff (hub) and screwed down tightly kept the spokes at a constant angle as the tyre cooled. An even pressure from the contracting tyre tightened the joints at each end of the spokes and formed a vice-like grip, which would last for the life of the wheel.
[from EDHS Newsletter No. 45, November 1985:] TIME CAPSULE CEREMONY: Our 150th Anniversary Monument is now under construction in the gardens in front of the Eltham Community Centre. Further details of the project are given under a separate heading below and this item deals with the proposed ceremony. We propose to formally lower the time capsule into its container underneath the monument as part of the Eltham Community Festival. All members are invited to attend the ceremony at 2.00 p.m. on Sunday, 10th November. Come earlier with a picnic lunch if you like. Local people and firms who have contributed money or services for the monument will also be invited. As part of the Festival programme the public are welcome to attend. This is one of the most significant projects the Society has undertaken and members' participation in its finalization would be most gratifying to the organizing committee. 150TH ANNIVERSARY PROJECTS: We have concentrated our efforts on finishing the monument and time capsule project within the 150th year and have found it necessary to abandon the historical tour project. We have applied to the State 150th Committee to transfer the funds allocated for the tour to construction of the monument. The historical tour project will be continued at a later date and photos of historic houses in the area, taken by Doug Orford, will be available for use in an associated display. At the time of writing, the monument construction is on schedule for the ceremony on 10th November. The concrete base has been completed and the main feature of the monument, which is an old tyring plate or disc, will be lifted into place in the next week. The final ceremony will involve lowering the sealed time capsule into place, bolting down its container lid and then concreting over the lid. The capsule will contain mainly items relating to present day Eltham and its people and is to be opened in the year 2035, a video film made by Joh Ebeli and also details of families and organizations who have contributed to construction of the monument. It is proposed to place the items in the capsule on 5th November and any items members think could be included may be submitted up to that date. The Society has received an excellent response from local people, firms and organizations by way of assistance with this project. Graham Beyer, who originated the project, has arranged many of the donations. He and his firm, Package Handling Equipment, have donated the time capsule itself and have carried out fabrication of sections of the monument. The design of the monument was adapted by Graham Beyer from drawings by Joh Ebeli. Charmac Industries has donated the container for the time capsule and a cast gun metal name plate for the monument. BMG Concrete has donated concrete for the base which was constructed by Caridi Construction Company. Northbourne Garden Supplies has donated materials for the paving around the monument. Robert Becker from Eltham Apex directed construction of the paving by Society members. Terry Hutchinson has agreed to donate the use of his crane to lift the tyring disc into place. Financial contributions have been made by the Eltham Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Eltham. We are grateful to all who have helped, and members' support for firms who have donated their services would be an appropriate recognition. It is planned to print "Time Capsule Certificates" which can be held by organizations or passed on to descendants by individuals. The certificates will indicate an interest in the contents of the capsule when it is opened in fifty years. Certificates will be distributed to Society members and those who have contributed to the project.

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