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[from EDHS Newsletter No. 62, September 1988:] SPRING GARDENS TRIP 30 Oct 1988 On this trip we will be visiting gardens which are of historic interest or of old world character. The date has been selected to coincide with the time when the gardens are likely to be at their best. The Central Victorian Goldfields area has been selected because it offers a wide range of gardens open to the public. From this range we have chosen three gardens which we think will be of great interest to members and their families and friends. These are the gardens: • "Buda", Castlemaine: One of Victoria's most famous historic gardens. The mansion, which was the home of the Leviny family for 118~ years, is also open for inspection. • "Badger's Keep", Chewton: This is a cottage garden (complete with 100 year old cottage) with a great diversity of plants. • "The Springs", Sedgwick: A country garden also with a great array of plants. The cost of the bus is $9.00 for adults and $5.00 for children. There is an additional charge for entry to the gardens, $2.00 each for "Badger's Keep" and "The Springs"; for "Buda" it is $3.00, $1.50 for pensioners and $1.00 for children. Each of the gardens has plants for sale. Bring your own picnic lunch. Please be at the Eltham Shire Offices by 8.15 a.m. so we can leave promptly at 8.30. To book for this trip complete the attached form and return the appropriate fare. [from EDHS Newsletter No. 63, November 1988:] RECENT ACTIVITIES More recently the Spring Gardens trip attracted a full bus load and a waiting list. Those who went thoroughly enjoyed the historic garden and mansion at "Buda" and two other excellent gardens at "Badger's Keep" and "The Springs". The popularity of this trip warrants a repeat performance. There are a number of other gardens of historic and general interest which are worth a visit in the future.

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