Physical description

Mounted watercolour, ink and pencil on paper.

Inscriptions & markings

Signed and dated on right image (LR): "Pali Schwarz 1943" UL image: Reinigungdienst [Cleaning Squad] CL image: Auskunftei des Orientierungsdienstes B.V. [Information and Orientation Booth- Magdeburger Barracks]

Other Inscriptions: LL image: Eigene Aufwarmekuche in L124 [Private kitchen for warming up food in L124] Image on right: CIII. Frauen-Kaserne/Hamburger/Haupteingang: Allabendlicher Abscheid: Wenn's 20 Uhr Wird [CIII. Women's Barracks/Hamburger/ Main entrance: Nightly farewells at 8 pm]