Historical information

After World War II, the Kiewa Hydro-Electric Scheme was started in the Kiewa River valley by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. On land previously used only for summer cattle grazing in the natural alpine grasslands, the first ski lodge was built in 1948 by workers from the hydro scheme as skiing was a popular recreation. Many of the hydro employees were of European background and had grown up enjoying skiing and snow sports in their homelands and were keen to continue to pursue their winter sports interests. The first lift, a rope tow, was built in 1951 and the first chairlift in Australia was constructed there in 1957. Two T-Bars were opened in 1961. In 1964, the Victorian Municipal Directory recorded that Falls Creek had 29 ski club lodges and 16 commercial lodges.


Employees of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria in the Kiewa River Valley were the earliest skiers on the Bogong High Plains and built one of the first ski lodges at Falls Creek. They were amongst those pivotal in the development of the skiing and tourist industry at Falls Creek and on the Bogong High Plains.

Physical description

Set of 10 black and white photographs of various skiers at Falls Creek Victoria

Inscriptions & markings

1. From Left-John Robertson Myrtleford; Bill Bridgford, St Trinians; Girl not known; Roy Wolpole, Myrtleford; Fin McAuliffe, Myrtleford; Looking on foreground, Toni St Elmo 2. Falls Creek. Property of State Electricity Commission of Victoria Publicity Photo Negative No PB4046. Publicity Branch, 15 William St Melbourne. 3. Avic Lajons 4. No markings 5. Bill Bridgeford (lower person on slope) 6. Max Lawrence? Facing skiers 7. 6575. Indistinguishable red stamp on back 8. 6875. Ces Dobson on tractor 9. From left on tow. John Robertson (Myrtleford); Bill Bridgeford (St Trinians); Girl unknown; Roy Walpole (Myrtleford); Vin McAuliffe (Myrtleford); Looking on foreground Toni Beveridge. 10. From Left 1; 2; 3. Bill Bridgeford; 4. George McPherson ? (Myrtleford); 5. John Robertson (Myrtleford); 6. Elsbeth Rollenson? (Myrtleford); 7; 8; 9. 11. Bogong. Looking N.E from Big River fire track. Skiers on way to Falls Creek. Spion Kop on left. Going around Ropers Cerner near the 18 mile post