Historical information

This desk was donated to the MTSV in 2017 by a descendant of Padre Oliver, Chaplain from 1930-1960.


This desk belonged to Rodney Oliver and is believed to have been used by Padre Oliver and his wife while Chaplain, and the family resided at the MTS and thereafter in subsequent parish postings. The desk makes a link with one of the longest serving Chaplains who had a significant influence through the intense period of operations early - mid 20th C. The Padre's influence was substantial. The desk is also believed to have been used by son Rodney Oliver who also served the Mission as Chairman in the later 20th C.

Physical description

A four drawer leather topped desk with detachable unit comprising double sliding door lockable cabinet with small bookshelf backed with shallow pediment. Sorting / sectioned pigeonhole interiors to the top cabinets see images. The main table desk appears to be of a different wood with green leather inset to top surface and heavy legs. Drawers with heavily decorated brass handles. The top cabinet features finer cabinetry and darker colour wood or stain which could be cedar.with simple narrow reeded decoration.

Inscriptions & markings

interior two pigeon holes with labels