Historical information

Bogong Village, which was known as “The Junction”, is well recorded. The first tent camp was at the junction of Pretty Valley and Rocky Valley streams in the early 40’s. Further downstream were the sawmill, stables and blacksmith’s forge. Horses were the main mode of transport in the early days. The road to Bogong had reached the lookout spur just beyond Roper’s Spur track just before the 1939 fires. The early forties saw rapid growth of the village, with single and married men’s quarters, workshops, mess huts and administrative offices. The facilities necessary for communal living were quickly in place- a post office, police station, co-op store, medical centre, community hall/theatre, tennis courts and school. Much of the temporary accommodation that housed groups such as the Albion Quarrying Company were in the area now under water.


This group of photographs are a pictorial record of the early history of the Kiewa Hydro Scheme, the people who worked in the background supplying administrative support and the workers and their families. It also shows a glimpse into how a large group of people from very diverse backgrounds came together to enjoy social activities and share each others company

Physical description

Group of 10 black and white photographs and photocopies of original photographs of varying sizes (some official SECV photos) Some Photos are labelled with the date and the names of SECV staff members. Depicting early life at Bogong Village
1. Group photo – Kiewa House Residents 1.8.41 (SECV official photo)
2. Female staff residents
3. Female office staff
4. Kitchen staff – Junction Mess (SECV official photo)
5. Male administration staff Bogong
6. Bogong Social Club fancy dress ball, 1940
7. Wives and children of SECV workers
8. Children in fancy dress
9. Opening of Volunteer Air Observers post 1943
10. Flag raising at opening of Volunteer Air Observers post

Inscriptions & markings

1. Printed under photo: STATE ELECTRICITY COMMISSION OF VICTORIA Date: 1.8.41 Time: 12.30pm No:K 435 Kiewa Hydro-Electric Works. Kiewa House Residents Back Row L to R: S.A. Salmon, W. Strachn, T.A Connors, W.J Norman, R.C Grealey, R.D Hegarty, Mrs Hegarty, W.R Morgan, S.A Clarke, P. Morgan, P.J. Harnetty, G.W Crouch. Front Row L to R: W.L Godfrey, R.S Hollands, Pte. R Charlesworth, R.L Dunn, N Caldwell, L.T Davies, I Webber, H.L Kendall, P Tiller, Ricky Hegarty, L.T Guy, M.C Cox, K.F Calder, D.S Gibson
2. Printed on bottom: Staff who lived at Kiewa House and worked in the Administration Office c 1943 Handwritten at bottom Priscilla Johnson (nee Reid) At top of page A GOOD LIFE: WOMEN’S RECOLLECTIONS OF LIFE IN THE UPPER KIEWA VALLEY
3. Printed under photo- Office Staff – Bogong
4. Printed under photo: STATE ELECTRICITY COMMISSION OF VICTORIA Date: 18.5.40 Time: 11.05am No:K 103. Kiewa Hydro-Electric Works. Kitchen Staff- Junction Mess. Opening night of the new staff mess Bogong.
5. Printed under photo -Administration staff Bogong
6. Printed under photo- The social club raised money for patriotic fund from fancy dress nights. (1st Fancy Dress Ball, Bogong 1940)
7. Printed above photo: ---- and family life begins (1942 Bogong)
8. Printed under photo: A favourite photograph
9. Printed under photo: STATE ELECTRICITY COMMISSION OF VICTORIA Date: 24.5.43 Time: 2.8pm No:K 1151 Kiewa Hydro-Electric Works. Bogong- Squadron Leader Leggett speaking at opening of Air Observer’s Post
10. Printed under photo: Raising the flag at the opening of the Volunteer Air Observer’s Post at Bogong - 1943