Historical information

Title Vol. 2567 Fol. 294 in the name of The Greensborough Estate Company Limited, 164 acres four and a half perches, being part of Crown Portion 17 Parish of Keelbundora, County of Bourke. Dated 22nd May 1895. Northern boundary Greensborough Road (now Grimshaw Street), Southern boundary Nell Street, Eastern boundary Plenty River, Western boundary road (now named McDowell Street); Title Vol. 3134 Fol. 605 in the name of Adolphe Frederic Seelenmeyer, land as described above, LP 4759 and transfers and other instruments to 9 March 1948

Physical description

Folder containing two Certificates of Title (3p. + 9 p.) and twenty pages of miscellaneous documents, including historical summary, brief biography of A. F. Seelenmeyer, two Death Certificates and photocopied extracts from probate documents, as listed in table of contents, ed. by Peter Simmenauer