Historical information

The photo is of John Neville and Ethel (Polly) Burgoyne’s store with eldest children and a 1927/28 model Chevrolet 1 ton truck. The store was located on Main Road just south of Bridge Street (present day No. 820 Main Road).

L-R (unconfirmed): Francis (Frank) Neville Burgoyne (1916-2002), unidentified, Mary Frances Burgoyne (1914-1991) and John (Jack) William Burgoyne (1913-2005) which would date the picture as circa 1929/1930. Henry Charles Burgoyne (1920-1994) and Royston (Roy) Edward Burgoyne (1922-2004) not in picture.
The unidentified male is believed to be an early boyfriend of Mary Frances at the time, not Reginald John Squire (1916-1981) whom she married in 1938 who was two years her junior.

The new store was built in late 1925. At the same time Mr C. Nicholls’s new store was constructed. Both were considered modern shops, and an improvement on most, business establishments of the time. Mr. Nicholls’s store included alongside it a modern, weatherboard villa residence. Mr. Burgoyne’s store incorporated the post and telegraph office, which was operated by John Neville Burgoyne’s half-aunt, Miss Anne Hunniford.

The unsealed footpath in front is reasonably extensive as not visible is a concrete kerb and channel which was laid from the Post Office to John Street during Nov-Dec 1926. Footpath construction in front of Burgoyne’s store commenced August 1942.

An extension to the store was erected in 1939 for a new telephone exchange adjacent to the store and post office. A continuous telephone service operated by Mr Burgoyne and his family commenced operation 18 November 1939. Approximately 70 extensions were routed through the new exchange, 40 of which were transferred from the Greensborough Exchange.

Reproduced on p92 of 'Pioneers & Painters'

Cross Ref: 0702 shows extension on right of shop


This photo forms part of a collection of photographs gathered by the Shire of Eltham for their centenary project book,"Pioneers and Painters: 100 years of the Shire of Eltham" by Alan Marshall (1971). The collection of over 500 images is held in partnership between Eltham District Historical Society and Yarra Plenty Regional Library (Eltham Library) and is now formally known as the 'The Shire of Eltham Pioneers Photograph Collection.'
It is significant in being the first community sourced collection representing the places and people of the Shire's first one hundred years.

Physical description

Digital image
4 x 5 inch B&W Neg