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Balinese Woodcut

From the Collection of Dutch Australian Heritage Centre Victoria 60 Rosstown Road Carnegie Victoria

Carved and lacquered wooden image of male and female heads. Each is wearing a highly decorative headdress giving the impression of a special ceremony such as a wedding. The necks of the figures merge into further carving, this time of an abstract theme.
39cm (max) x 18cm (max)
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Historical information
Balinese art is art of Hindu-Javanese origin that grew from the work of artisans of the Majapahit Kingdom, with their expansion to Bali in the late 14th century. From the sixteenth until the twentieth centuries, the village of Kamasan, Klungkung (East Bali), was the centre of classical Balinese art. During the first part of the twentieth century, new varieties of Balinese art developed. Since the late twentieth century, Ubud and its neighboring villages established a reputation as the center of Balinese art.
This is likely a memento of the Dutch/Indonesia era.
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