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Papers - The Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme

From the Collection of Kiewa Valley Historical Society Mount Beauty Information Centre 31 Bogong High Plains Rd Mt Beauty Victoria

The Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme General Development 1911 - 1961 by SECV, July 1973. Consists of 22 A4 pages held within a folded A3 sheet
Victorian Hydro compiled by W. Sutton Nov. 1993. Office Copy / Facts & Figures. Consists of 44 A4 pages held by a metal clip.
Object Registration
KVHS 1505
kiewa hydro electric scheme, state electricity commission of victoria, bill sutton
Historical information
1. Chronological account of the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme from 1911 to 1961
2.Victorian Hydro with technical facts and figures, with Aboriginal History of the region, Settlement of the Kiewa Valley, Origin of Names
When Made
1973 and 1993
Both accounts are a history of the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme constructed by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. The first is and abbreviated history of the scheme published by the SEC, the second is similar with 'facts & figures' accessed by Bill Sutton, (Mt Beauty resident and SEC worker) whose father worked on the scheme, and who enjoyed speaking to visitors and groups about the history of the area including some of the light hearted aspects of the history.
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