Historical information

Excavation of a diversion tunnel was commenced in 1939 to divert water from the East Kiewa River to allow construction of the dam wall. This was completed in February 1940 and excavation for the dam wall commenced in the same month, with the first batch of concrete placed in September. Lewis construction Company had the contract, but the S.E.C. took over construction in March 1942 and the dam was completed in March 1944. Type of construction: reinforced concrete, slab buttress.


Importance in the Kiewa area as it shows the formwork and preparation necessary before the pouring of concrete for the first dam in the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme

Physical description

Black and white photos (2 identical) of early construction of Junction Dam wall, viewed from downstream.

Inscriptions & markings

Back of photo, upper right hand corner: No. 1 - Construction of Bogong Dam Wall (written in pencil) No. 2 - Same as one (written in pencil)