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As the Yarra became unsuitable as a source of water, several attempts were made to find alternative sources for the growing population of Melbourne. It was not until 1891 that the efforts to sewer Melbourne came to fruition with the setting up of the Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works (MMBW), now known as Melbourne Water. From 1891 until 1992, it was the responsibility of the MMBW to safeguard public health by providing a sewerage system and a safe water supply system. In 1992, The MMBW merged with a number of smaller urban water authorities to form Melbourne Water.


As the MMBW employed men to undertake secretarial work within the first few decades of operation, it wasn't until 1912 when the first female 'typiste' was employed. This photograph, showing a group of typists employed by the Board, is historically significant as it represents the kinds of jobs that women were employed in during the 1970s.

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