Historical information

A.J.Abicair was C/O of 486 Maintenance Squadron from 22/08/1946 having been promoted to A/W.Cdr in May 1944 , then T/OT/W/Cdr. January 1945. .


Part of the collection of Wing Commander A.J.Abicair issued equipment.

Physical description

Rectangular mirror with see through cross in centre on front. Instructions for use printed on rear. Cord threaded through corner hole. Contained in original cardboard container.

Inscriptions & markings

One Emergency Signalling Mirror ESM/1. "Spec. 40653" Open this end and pull lanyard. This package contains 1 emergency signalling mirror with which the attention of persons in the distance (in ships, aircraft, etc) may be attracted by a beam of reflected sunlight. A positive means of aiming the reflected beam of light is provided.Instructions are printed on the other side of this package and on mirror. General Electric company. Instruction for use are written on the rear. From collection of Wing/Com A.J. Abicair